Vellore to Tirupati One Day Tour Package

Welcome to our Vellore to Tirupati One Day Tour Package! Join us on a spiritual voyage from the historic city of Vellore to the divine aura of Tirupati's Sri Venkateswara Temple, all in a single day. Immerse yourself in blessings, explore the sacred, and create cherished memories. Your spiritual journey begins here, and we're here to make it seamless and unforgettable.

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one day tirumala package from Vellore

Vellore to Tirupati One-Day Tour Package Price Details

Vellore to tirumala one day package ETIOS/SWIFT DESIRE AC
  • 1 Person - ₹ 9,200
  • 2 Person - ₹ 10,500
  • 3 Person - ₹ 11,700
  • 4 Person - ₹ 13,000
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Vellore to tirupati one day package by car INNOVA AC/ERTIGA AC
  • 4 Person - ₹ 16,500
  • 5 Person - ₹ 17,700
  • 6 Person - ₹ 19,000
  • 7 Person - ₹ 20,500
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Vellore to tirupati package one day INNOVA CRYSTA AC
  • 4 Person - ₹ 17,500
  • 5 Person - ₹ 18,700
  • 6 Person - ₹ 20,000
  • 7 Person - ₹ 21,500
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Best Tirupati packages from Vellore TEMPO TRAVELLER AC
  • 8 Person - ₹ 27,800
  • 9 Person - ₹ 29,000
  • 10 Person - ₹ 30,500
  • 11 Person - ₹ 31,500
  • 12 Person - ₹ 32,800
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*Note: For passengers kind information, Website shows package price is not available for now. Only 60 days prior booking can avail the website shown price. To know more Details for Tirupati Trip for the upcoming days kindly give us a call to +91-9962717100 / 9962717100.

Package Includes

one day tirupati package from Vellore
Meals Included
Enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch as part of your Chennai to Tirupati one-day tour package
tirupati one day package from Vellore
Seegra Darshan Ticket
Special entry Tirupati Darshan tickets (Seegra Darshan) 300rs ticket is included in the package.
one day trip to tirupati from Vellore by car
Complimentary Laddus
Each person will receive 01 delicious laddu as a sweet offering during the temple visit.

Tirupati VIP Darshan package from Vellore
Logistics covered
Our package covers driver betta, Andhra state permit, toll gate fees, car parking, and diesel charges for a hassle-free experience.

Covering 5 Temple & Places

one day tour package from Vellore to tirupati

Tirumala Balaji Darshan
best travels for tirupati package from Vellore

Padmavathi Temple
Vellore to tirupati tour with darshan

Balaji Face Rock
tirupati darshan tour from Vellore

Sri Varasiddi vinayaka Temple
one day trip Vellore to tirumala

Varahaswamy Temple, Tirumala
One day package from Vellore to Tirupati by car

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Temple

Vellore to Tirupati One-Day Tour Package Schedule

Morning Schedule
Time Activity
05:00 AM - 05:15 AM Doorstep Pickup at Vellore/Home
06:30 AM – 07:15 AM Breakfast at a suitable restaurant on the way
07:15 AM – 08:15 AM Travel to Padmavathi Temple
08:15 AM – 09:15 AM Visit Padmavathi Temple
09:15 AM – 10:00 AM Travel to Tirumala
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM Visit Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka Temple
10:45 AM – 12:00 PM Tonsure (Mottai)
Afternoon Schedule
Time Activity
12:00 PM - 02:00 PM Darshan at Balaji Temple
02:00 PM – 02:45 PM Visit Varahaswamy Temple
02:45 PM - 03.30 PM Travel downhill to City
03.30 PM - 04.00 PM Lunch at Hotel
04.00 PM – 04:30 PM Visit Sri Bedi Anjaneyar Temple
04:30 PM - 07.30 PM Return to Chennai
07:30 PM - 08.00 PM Drop at Home

Dress Code

Vellore to tirumala car package


Dhoti, Shirt / Kurta, Pyjama

chennai to tirupati travels


Saree / Half Saree / Chudidar with Dupatta

Pickup & Drop

   Pickup and Drop can be arranged anywhere within the city limits.

   Air conditioning will be turned off while climbing the hill in Tirumala. We request your cooperation.

   Early morning pickup and late evening drop can be arranged with additional charges, subject to vehicle availability. Multiple pickup and drop locations will incur additional charges.

   As per TTD norms, only 4 to 12-seater vehicles are allowed to climb the hill. Private buses are not permitted.

Booking Confirmation

   A booking confirmation will be sent via email and WhatsApp upon completing the online car booking with Padmavathi Travels.

   Driver and vehicle details will be shared one day before the travel date.

Special Notes To the Pilgrim

   Children Below 12: Children under 12 don't need a darshan ticket. Remember to carry age-proof documents.

   ID Proof: Carry the same ID used for booking (Aadhaar/Passport).

   Prasadam: One laddu is included with special entry ticket. Buy more at Rs. 50 each.

   Limited Tickets: Book the Chennai to Tirupati Package in advance due to limited availability.

   24/7 Support: Padmavathi Travels offers round-the-clock call and chat support for your guidance.


   Our driver will assist and guide you throughout the journey.

   Our driver will guide you to the darshan ticket counter, tonsure (mottai), thulaparam, and other necessary procedures.

Additional Packages

Places at Tirupati

tirupati package from Vellore

Sri Kalahasti Temple

Vellore to tirupati packages

Srinivasa Mangapuram

tirupati package from Vellore by car

Govindarajan Temple

Vellore to tirumala by car

Iskon Temple

Vellore tirupati package tours

Kabila Theertham

Vellore tirupati tour package

Narayanavanam Temple

Vellore to tirupati travel packages

Appalagunda Temple

Places at Tirumala

Vellore to tirupati daily package


Vellore to tirupathi package tour

Jabila Theertham

Vellore tirupati car package

Sila Thoranam

tirupathi trip from Vellore

Akasa Ganga Temple

tirumala tour from Vellore

Srivari Padalu

Vellore to tirupathi package tour

Chakra theertham

Travel agency from Vellore to tirupati

Deer Park

Why Choose Us

Professional and Experienced Drivers

Our team of drivers is well-versed, courteous, and experienced in the Vellore to Tirupati one-day tour package route. They prioritize your comfort and safety, ensuring a smooth and secure journey throughout the day.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Experience comfort and luxury with our fleet of well-maintained vehicles. Our top-notch cab rental and car service options undergo regular maintenance to provide you with an enjoyable and reliable ride on your one-day tour.


We value your time and understand the significance of a well-organized schedule. Choosing Padmavathi Travels guarantees punctuality, as we commit to sticking to the agreed-upon timings for your Vellore to Tirupati one-day tour.

Customized Itineraries

Make your one day tour truly memorable with our customizable Chennai to Vellore tour package. Tailored to your preferences, we ensure your Vellore to Tirupati journey is personalized, encompassing the attractions and experiences you desire.

Extensive Experience

Padmavathi Travels boasts years of experience in the travel industry. As a trusted tour operator for the Vellore to Tirupati one-day tour package, our team's deep knowledge ensures a well-structured and enriching itinerary.

Seamless Logistics

Experience the charm of Tirupati hassle-free with Padmavathi Travels. Our meticulous planning guarantees a smooth, stress-free journey. While you immerse yourself in the attractions, we manage the logistics, allowing you to fully enjoy your day.

Ready to Embark on Your
One Day Tour Package from Vellore to Tirupati?

Prepare for an unforgettable spiritual journey from Vellore to Tirupati in just one day. Our exclusive tour package ensures you experience the divine ambiance of the renowned Sri Venkateswara Temple in Tirupati. This single-day pilgrimage is designed to create lasting memories and fill your heart with blessings. To embark on this soul-enriching adventure or for more information, please don't hesitate to call us. Your spiritual quest begins with a simple phone call.


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Frequently Asking Question’s

The best time to visit Tirupati is during the months of September to February. These months fall within the winter and early spring season in Tirupati, offering pleasant weather conditions for tourists. The temperatures during this time range from mild to cool, making it comfortable for sightseeing and temple visits.

- Tirumala Balaji Darshan

- Tirupati Alamelumangapuram (Padmavathi Amman Temple)

- Sri Varasiddi vinayaka Temple

- Varahaswamy Temple, Tirumala

- Sri Anjaneyar Temple

Padmavathi Travels offers two transportation options for their one day tour package.

1. Car Packages: Padmavathi Travels provides car packages as the primary mode of transportation. You can enjoy the convenience, privacy, and flexibility of traveling in a private car with a skilled driver.

2. Bus Package (Sharing): Additionally, Padmavathi Travels offers a bus package for those who prefer sharing the journey with fellow travellers. This option provides a cost-effective way to explore Tirupati in a group setting.

Yes, we offer flexible tour packages that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for personalized arrangements.

The one day tour package from Vellore to Tirupati, offered by Padmavathi Travels, typically lasts for approximately 12 to 15 hours. The exact duration may vary depending on factors such as traffic conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

The distance between Vellore and Tirupati is approximately 160 kilometers (100 miles) when traveling via road. The actual distance may vary depending on the specific route taken and any detours along the way.

1. What items are allowed during temple visits?

You can carry offerings like flowers and coconuts, along with a small amount of money and a valid identification card.

2. What items are not allowed during temple visits?

Large bags, backpacks, mobile phones, cameras, and outside food are generally not allowed inside the temple premises. It is best to avoid wearing excessive jewelry or carrying valuables.

Yes, please carry a valid identification document (such as Aadhaar ID or passport) for verification purposes at the ticket counter.